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About Canine/Feline Diabetes

Diabetes is a serious concern, but not just for humans. Your dog or cat may be battling the same inability to produce insulin and/or regulate blood glucose levels that a human with diabetes does.

Symptoms of Diabetes in Dogs & Cats:

  •      Noticeable increase in appetite
  •      Increased/heavy water consumption
  •      Depression
  •      Weakness
  •      Frequent urination
  •      Decreases in physical activity
  •      Cloudy eyes/cataracts in dogs

Unfortunately, many of the above-listed symptoms of diabetes also occur in other diseases and conditions. Because of this, laboratory tests from your veterinarian may be necessary to diagnose diabetes in cats or dogs.

Treating Diabetes in Dogs & Cats:

Treating diabetes in dogs and cats is similar to how a human would treat the condition, but your pet's blood is much different than yours. The goal is to regulate the pet’s blood glucose using insulin and some diet and daily routine changes. The process may take a few weeks or many months to correct. The aim is to keep the blood glucose values within an acceptable range.

Blood glucose testing at home with the PetTest meter can provide a better picture of how well glucose levels are being managed and help avoid dangerous insulin overdoses. Always consult your veterinarian for their recommendations regarding the frequency of testing for your particular pet.