Managing your pet's diabetes can seem daunting, but you've got this! Here are several frequently asked questions (FAQs) and their answers:


Question: Do I really have to use a meter specific for pets, or is a cheap human meter okay to monitor blood glucose levels?

Answer: While you may be able to track trends (at a very basic level) with a human glucometer, accurate results are going to come from a glucose monitor specifically designed for your pet. Dogs and cats carry most of the glucose in the plasma of their blood, where humans carry roughly half of the glucose in the plasma, and half in the red blood cells. Only a meter like PetTest is calibrated to account for those significant differences.


Question: Do I have to code/calibrate my PetTest Meter? If so, how often?

Answer: No! Unlike some glucose monitoring systems, PetTest does not require calibration, or coding/re-coding each time you open a new box of test strips. It may be wise to perform a control test with each new box of test strips, but know that our manufacturing tolerances for our test strips are so tight that this is not strictly necessary!

Question: Can I use generic/other test strips with PetTest?

Answer: No, PetTest is only compatible with our own affordable test strips, available in both 50 and 35 count varieties!

Question: Is there a painless option to get blood? I don’t want to hurt my pet.

YES! PetTest is proud to offer the ONLY painless monitoring system for dogs and cats, the PetTest Genteel Painless Monitoring Kit. We also sell the top-rated PetTest Genteel as a standalone lancing device!

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