2 Pack: Vial Safe for Pets - Insulin Vial Protector Case, TALL, 10mL, Mix & Match Colors

Vial Safe

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Product Overview

Never worry about broken insulin bottles again! 

Vial Safe is a super-durable, hypo-allergenic, reusable silicone protective sleeve that provides a secure grip and protects your insulin vials against accidental drops. This “TALL” size Vial Safe is designed to perfectly fit all 10mL vials of Lantus, Apidra or Admelog.

- For Fiasp, Humalog, Humulin, Levimer, Lispro, Lyumjev, Novolin, Novolog, NovoRapid, Tresiba, Caninsulin and Vetsulin Insulin Vial Protectors, click HERE

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✓ PEACE OF MIND: Provides a secure grip so you are less likely to drop a vial, but also protects vials if they do accidentally drop by bouncing instead of shattering… saving you the cost, insurance nightmare and heartache cause by a broken insulin vial.

✓ COMPLETE PROTECTION: Protects entire vial, top to bottom and stays on even during needle insertion.

✓ GENIUS DESIGN: Easy on/easy off with a window in front allowing insulin brand label visibility and vial contents visibility at all times.

✓ CONVENIENT: Super lightweight and perfect for travel.

✓ REUSABLE & DURABLE:  Buy it for life… built to last forever.  

✓ PET FRIENDLY: Do you have a diabetic dog or cat? Vial Safe fits all pet insulin brands purr-fectly.

✓ PATENTED DESIGN: We are the INNOVATORS never the imitators.

✓ GREAT GIFT IDEA: Give yourself or a diabetic you love the gift of safe and protected insulin vials. And not only is Vial Safe necessary and practical, its also a fashionable, fun and trendy diabetic accessory.

Legal Disclaimer

Vial Safe is intended to reduce the chance of damage to a glass vial that is properly inserted into it.  Use of Vial Safe does not guarantee that damage or destruction of a vial and resulting loss of its contents will not occur. Even when properly inserted, Vials in Vial Safe can be damaged and, in some cases, destroyed and the contents lost. By using Vial Safe you agree that you will hold harmless Vial Safe, LLC and PetTest from and against any and all damages, including personal injury and death, resulting from the failure of Vial Safe to prevent damage to or destruction of a vial or its contents.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review