PetTest i-Catch Telescoping Urine Specimen Collection Pole


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Product Overview

Our NEW telescoping specimen collection device extends all the way from 9" - 45" so you can easily and neatly collect urine for various tests like UTIs, ketones, kidney function, etc.

The low-profile specimen cup is detachable and washable from the light weight aluminum collection pole, so cleanliness is always a priority. 


  •  Telescoping specimen collector device, extendable from 9" - 45"
  •  Detachable blue coated specimen cup holder
  •  Plastic reusable specimen cup with mL markings up to 120 mL (hand washable only - not guaranteed to be washing machine safe)
  •  Reusable plastic clamshell for tidy storage

Retire that old ladle and the back pain from bending down to catch a urine sample!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review